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Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsports, is dying.

Pay walls are rising across the world. Free to air coverage for F1 is a thing of the past. Millions of fans worldwide cannot have free access to their favorite sport.

In a few years, a whole generation will not know about Eau Rouge and La Rascasse. Or the names of Sir Stirling Moss and Ayrton Senna. They will not grow with a Ferrari poster in their bedroom, or dream of studying engineering and working for an F1 team. They will never wake up in the middle of the night to watch a race, nor feel the crescendo of a high-revving F1 engine in their spines.

They will never meet their heroes. Because they will not even know they exist.

We, the fans, refuse to let greed prevail. The drivers, teams, and sponsors must understand how we feel and act.

We will boycott the first 2013 race in Australia.

Sign this petition and pledge to boycott the race.

F1 fans at home. Please do not watch the live TV coverage. In order to make a stand, we need the viewing figures for F1 to reach the absolute minimum.

F1 fans attending the race. Please cover your eyes during Lap 5. Use the flag of the team you are supporting, your hat, your hands, or even just look away. You will be reminding to everyone that millions of F1 fans worldwide cannot watch the race.

F1 drivers and team members. Please wear a small black armband in your overalls to show your support.

Share this petition with your friends, show your support and boycott the race (#noF1)


Letter to
Formula One Management Ltd Bernie Ecclestone
Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile Jean Todt, FIA President
Formula One Teams Association Martin Whitmarsh
Please do not hide F1 behind a pay wall. Make sure every fan worldwide has access to free, live TV coverage.

I will boycott the first race of 2013 and show my support to my fellow fans that cannot afford to watch F1 with me.

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