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【FREE】 러브앤프로듀서 Hack Tool and Cheats - Get Unlimited Coins Energy

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If you've ever used an Alcatel phone, you'll be familiar bearing in mind the ease of access Key, which has made its reward upon the KEY2. Located upon the right side under the power button, it offers fast entry to three apps, contacts, or supplementary shortcuts, as set by you.

The beauty of the openness Key is its flexibility: you have myriad options because you have four individual sets of options depending upon your situation.

The "Normal" mode is default and genial whenever the three further conditions are not met. The "Home" mode uses your home Wi-Fi to determine considering you're planted upon the sofa or lively upstairs, and shows unusual set of actions. "Meeting" uses your manual to determine behind you're occupied subsequent to work. And "Car" uses your vehicle's Bluetooth to acquit yourself yet different set of keys. Why would you want this? Let's go through a few options:

At home, you may want the user-friendliness key to allow quick entry to your favorite music or TV apps, or to quickly set a timer, or speedily right of entry a particular security camera view.
In the car, you may desire the key to call a pre-set phone number, or get into Android Auto, or a favorite Google perform Music playlist.
During a meeting, you may desire the KEY2 to be skilled to read Google Docs or keep for fast note-taking.
You can correct what the ease of understanding Key does by going into Settings > Shortcuts & gestures > convenience key.

We've already bearing in mind beyond this, but just to reiterate because it's therefore useful the KEY2's enthusiasm Key is awesome in facilitating shortcuts from anywhere in the OS.

You can designate any keyboard key to con an identical set of tasks to that of the user-friendliness Key (negating one, or both? Nah, substitute is good!): commencement an app, feel a zeal dial, sending an SMS, or fascinating in any one of Android's original shortcuts.

Get started by holding the promptness Key (it has nine little dots and is located upon the bottom right of the keyboard, bordering to the SYM button) and tapping any letter of the alphabet.

Productivity Tab


The Productivity version is something that debuted upon the PRIV in 2015, and it's nevertheless useful today especially if you use BlackBerry's own productivity apps.

By default, you access the Productivity bill by swiping in from the right side of the screen (there's a tiny silver indicator) which opens an overlay in the same way as a bunch of tabs. You can look your upcoming manual entries, your emails, your tasks, and your contacts, following a bottom checking account offering a expose for widgets from further apps.

You realize obsession to be using BlackBerry's original apps for the Productivity balance to be useful including the Hub. To acquire started, swipe in upon the silver sliver to configure it, or viewpoint it off completely.

Launcher tweaks


The BlackBerry Launcher is surprisingly robust and customizable, especially behind compared to some others that ship on well-liked phones. For instance, you can apply custom icon packs to the entire house screen, which is a fun quirk of expressing yourself, and you can as well as bend their size and grid formation.

Even more granular, you can change the labels upon a particular app, or conceal it altogether, which is neat.

Finally, BlackBerry supports something called "Pop-up widgets," which allow you to swipe occurring on an icon to engage its widget. absolute for calendars, messaging apps, and news readers.

Quick Privacy Shade


Our unqualified trick is a little one behind a potentially large impact: quick entry to the phone's built-in Privacy Shade.

Swiping next to anywhere upon the screen using three fingers activates the Privacy Shade, which is a fast pretension to shield unwanted eyes from what you're reading or watching on the phone. Even better, pair it once a privacy-focused screen protector, and you'll be lively for the DoD in no time.

What are your favorite productivity tweaks?
If you're a KEY2 owner, or even a survival from the KEYone days, what are your favorite productivity tweaks to keep you enthusiastic hard and getting sh*t done?

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How To Use A Wired Android Auto Head Unit As A Wireless Android Auto Unit
Android Auto has a lot of shortcomings, but its currently one of the best car head unit systems simple today. XDA Recognised Developer Emil Borconi set out to fix one of its shortcomings create an Android Auto head unit wireless. Theyre going to be wireless in the future, but for now, the unaccompanied showing off to use one is by physically connecting your device. while its not the most elegant solution, we covered his proof of concept last week. Now theres some incredible news as its been released and you can offer it a try now.

To start, youll obsession either a TV pin or different Android phone. You can use root to simplify the process like using a TV stick, but we recommend using another phone for simplicitys sake. The premise is simple you link up an dated phone or TV attach to the Android Auto head unit, and that device later receives commands from your actual phone. Youre effectively using the spare phone as a forwarder for commands.


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