Single Parents Adoption

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We want to support those single parents who seek the adoption of a child, to provide a home, an appropriate education and love.

We also want the rights of the person to be adopted and of the adopted child to be respected, since this can show a mutual benefit, both in values and new experiences, those affected are all single people who are not It gives the opportunity to adopt and they want to adopt a child since they want to form their own family, and feel more affection and more complete.

Our goals

Our goal is to show the community that the adoption of single parents can also be beneficial, since this does not harm the physical integrity on the contrary it gives the opportunity to a child to progress.

¿Why support our initiative?

If the understanding and tolerance of the community is given, this initiative can go in the right direction since it would count with all the support so that these people (single people) and the children who are going to be adopted can have a better quality of life.

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