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Fight homelessness in Fredericton

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Councillor Eric Price and other city councillors,

Councillor Eric Price said to the CBC that you need to find a happy medium between housing low income people and making sure they follow the rules of the property they live on.  Should a happy medium involve throwing six people out into the street?  If city council does not approve the zoning amendment to raise the capacity of the rooming house at 244 and 246 from 8 to 12 what will happen to those people living there?  Now at least they are living somewhere and somewhere that they can afford, which is a rarity for low income people in Fredericton.  I cannot help but feel that it is unfair, unkind and unwise to try to answer Frederictons homelessness problem by making more people homeless.  All the city council needs to do to join in the fight against poverty and homelessness is to approve the amendment to raise the rooming houses capacity.  That is a good start.  I live on the same block as the rooming house and I have not had any noise problems, seen any fights or heard any arguments and I do not find that the rooming houses make the neighbourhood "scary."  The people who live there are workers, musicians, parents and just like the rest of us, human beings.  I have no problem with my neighbourhood helping to end homelessness, in fact I am writing to you to encourage that more be done in my neighbourhood!  I sincerely hope that you pass the zoning amendment which will ensure at least some of these people will continue to have shelter, a basic human necessity.  Please show that you care about low income people and that you are committed to fighting homelessness in Fredericton.

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