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Petitioning Frederick Keys General Manager David Ziedelis

Cancel the Team Ghostrider Event/Agree to never book this event again

Our society has an obsession with using and exploiting animals for monetary gain. This is yet another example. Team Ghostrider is a one man, four monkey and four dog performing act. They travel across the country doing shows that consist of Capuchin monkeys riding the backs of boarder collies while herding sheep.
This operation also breeds the Capuchins.
Here is a quote from the creator of this "act", Tim Leperd, 49,
explaining how he evolved from bullfighter to dog and monkey trainer this way:
“After nine major surgeries encountered while fighting bulls, I began to put together the dog and monkey act and concentrated on comedy. I wanted an act that no one would forget in rodeo and felt performing with three dogs and three monkeys would accomplish my goal.”

Tim uses exotic, Capuchin monkeys that do not belong in little cowboy outfits strapped to saddled boarder collies while they herd sheep and do other, various tricks. The Frederick Keys, however, see it differently.
After recently speaking with the Keys' General Manager, David Ziedelis, it was made clear that they defend their choice to use Leperd's act, claiming it is a "legitimate form of entertainment." Ziedelis agrued there is nothing wrong with having Leperd and his dog/monkey act perform, because they have been featured on ESPN and at other major/minor league sports events.

Any animal lover/activist knows this is just the kind of animal exploitation we work to end everyday. So lets get to work together and convince the Frederick Keys that "Team Ghostrider" is not what we want to see!

Letter to
Frederick Keys General Manager David Ziedelis
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Frederick Keys General Manager David Ziedelis.

Please cancel the Team Ghostrider Event and Agree to never book this event again!

I am strongly against the use of animals for entertainment purposes. Events like these exploit exotic animals in the name of monetary gain and that's not OK with me. Furthermore, with a background in bullfighting, i cannot trust that the animals in Tim Leperd's care are being treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Please Cancel the June 22 event and agree to never book this "act" again.

Thanks for your time.