Make Frederick County Virginia a 2A Sanctuary County

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Corey O'Donnell
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There is a need to ensure that the rights granted by the United States Constitution remains intact and upheld for each and every citizen. One such right that could potentially impact residents of the Commonwealth is the Second Amendment as new legislative measures are potentially sought to supersede what is Constitutional.

This petition is to form a Second Amendment sanctuary locale, within Frederick County, Virginia. As to follow suit with Campbell County, Carrol County, and many other jurisdictions within The Commonwealth of Virginia; the residences of Frederick County are petitioning that the Board of Supervisors will publicly issue a statement that supports upholding the United States Constitution and all of the Constitutional rights that each citizen retains, especially those regarding the Second Amendment in particular. 

By signing this petition you are requesting that Frederick County remain a place of Constitutional rights by asking the Board of Supervisors not to endorse any expenditures or actions that would infringe on the Second Amendment. A further request is that the Board of Supervisors specifically states, in writing, that Frederick County is a Second Amendment (“2A”) sanctuary county. The petition will be delivered to the Board of Supervisors and presented accordingly.