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stop the forclosure on the scott's residence

Mortgage companies should  have the respect to speak with home owners facing forclosure, this families circumstances is nothing short of heartbreaking and Freddie Mac needs to give them the chance to work things out

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Freddie Mac.

WWII and Korean War Veteran, who had a stroke last year is facing eviction, along with his wife and disabled daughter. Mrs. Scott has tried to contact Freddie Mac to ask them to help her, but they will not return her calls.

“We don’t want a handout,” Sally Scott said from the porch of her Creve Coeur home. “We just want a fair deal, and we want someone to actually talk to us.”

Sally said she has never spoken to a representative from Freddie Mac over the phone or in person, even when they put her home into foreclosure several months ago

SBS who services their loan, said if they could talk Freddie Mac into rescinding the Foreclosure, they would work something out with the loan. Freddie Mac was bailed out by taxpayer dollars at over $120 billion! I think they owe it to this Veteran to give them a phone call!!

Here is the story from the local station in their area:

CREVE COEUR, MO (KTVI)– On September 11 as America remembers those who served, a local Korean War veteran who’s suffered a stroke faces eviction.
Bob Scott was an army engineer in Korea during the heaviest fighting between 1950 and 1952.
In 2007, he suffered a stroke. As his medical bills climbed the economy crashed. His furniture accessories business went bankrupt. About a year ago he and his wife were unable to make their mortgage payments.
“I worried. You can’t sleep at night. With my husband being disabled, you try to go on with things as normal as you can. And keep my husband and my daughter, who is mentally handicapped, as stable as can be,” said Sally Scott.
That stability vanished with an eviction notice from Freddie Mac, the giant home loan lender that was bailed out by taxpayers to the tune of $120 billion.
“I haven’t been able to get hold of Freddie Mac. And basically, SPS, the loan servicer, said if you can get Freddie Mac to rescind the foreclosure, we’ll work something out with them,” Sally stated.
FOX 2 also tried to contact Freddie Mac about the Scott’s foreclosure. No one got back to us. So Sally Scott turned to community groups to try and stop the foreclosure.
“Not only Freddie Mac, but other large banking institutions, I mean, they would not be around if it weren’t for our tax dollars,” said Zach Chasnoff with Missourians Organizing for Reform. “And you know, I think it’s important that they don’t take that for granted.”
So far, Freddie Mac won’t budge.
And now comes the court hearing. If the judge says no, Sally Scott, her mentally handicapped daughter, her disabled husband and his combat medals will all end up on the street.
And Sally and former Corporal Bob Scott fight on despite the odds.
The foreclosure hearing is at 9 a.m. Wednesday. The eviction itself could follow within a few weeks unless Freddie Mac agrees to stop the foreclosure and modify the Scott’s loan.

by Charles Jaco

The following Freddie Mac staff and attorneys have refused to negotiate on the case when approached by Sally Scott and her supporters:

* Donald H. Layton, CEO, +1 703-903-2000 (say “Donald Layton” to transfer call),

* Brad German, Public Relations, +1 703-903-2437,

* Patti Boerger, Media Relations, +1 703-903-2445,

* Chad Wandler, Media Relations, +1 703-903-2446 or +1 571-236-2533 (cell),

* Aaron Elking, Attorney at Martin, Leigh, Laws, & Fritzlen, in Kansas City, 314-862-5200 or 636-534-7600,

After their staff refused a loan modification approved by a HUD-certified counselor, Freddie Mac auctioned back to themselves the home of 65-year-old Sally Scott and her family in west St. Louis, Missouri.

Sally and Bob Scott purchased the one-story brick home 11 years ago and didn’t have problems with the bank until five years ago when a cerebral hemorrhage left Bob wheelchair-bound and with a feeding tube. Sally says she missed a few mortgage payments as she struggled to navigate Bob’s skyrocketing healthcare costs–something she was ashamed of until recently. Bob, 84, had owned a furniture store until the stroke and still receives an income from Social Security and Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

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