Unlock Michigan Adoption Records

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Across America, states are releasing Adoption records. States like New Jersey, that changed their legislation regarding releasing original birth certificates this year, 2017. Michigan has made no changes and is a very restrictive state. It is nearly impossible for an adult adoptee to obtain their birth certificate. Especially if they were born between 1945-1980. 

The following states are considered full acess states. Therefore, an adoptee may receive their original birth certificate upon turning 18:









In Alabama, the original birth certificate (OBC) is made available to adoptee, age 18 or older, upon request. Birth parents may file a non-binding Contact Preference Form, requesting direct contact with adopted adult, contact through an intermediary, or no contact at all.(American adoption congress, 2017) 

In Michigan, however, you can not request your original birth certificate. The original records are sealed and can not be obtained through a court petition.

Sign this petition so we can alert Michigan law makers of our desires to have our birth certificates! Perhaps that Michigan can become an all access state, like Alabama and other states mentioned above. Allowing adult adoptees to request their original birth certificate.