Help me keep my emotional support chickens

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Hi my name is Meena Ganti and I'm trying to keep my emotional support chickens. I have PTSD from horrible abuse that I suffered as a child. About 2 years ago I got my girls and absolutely fell in love with them. I had 3 but 1 unfortunately passed away last year so now there's 2 left Bea & Stella. They give me purpose and love and help me with my anxiety. They aren't just chickens they are my babies they get so excited when they see me or hear me. My therapist has even agreed that they have helped me with my life and made me a better person and wrote a note to the town stating that they are essential to my health. The town has informed us that we have violated the ordinance stating in order to have poultry you need to have 6 acres of land! That is ridiculous people all around us have chickens even in Andover Township but we are the only ones that are being told we need to get rid of them. My girls are clean and beautiful and completely spoiled and I love them with all my heart. Please help me keep them!