TheGreenPass: Mandating Immediate Release and Record Expungement for All

TheGreenPass: Mandating Immediate Release and Record Expungement for All

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Drug decriminalization would put a focus on damage prevention rather than punishment, removing criminal sanctions for drug use, possession, and low-level drug transactions.
Each year, more than 1.6 million people are arrested, prosecuted, imprisoned, placed under supervision, and/or deported for violating drug laws (DPA, n.d.).
Most laws currently aim to decriminalize marijuana in order to reduce the number of people arrested and convicted for minor drug possession offenses. However, as marijuana becomes legal across state lines, some people will be released but still face the consequences of their criminal record.
The importance of including retroactive restorative remedies under the new laws cannot be emphasized.
People in prisons and jails are now unaffected by new decriminalization and legalization policies (Thompson, 2017). In order to address this specific social justice concern, marijuana decriminalization laws must contain retroactive ameliorative remedy language.Men and women in America who have been criminalized in any way for non-violent drug offenses linked to marijuana possession and distribution are the target populations.
TheGreenPass lobbying efforts are aimed at legislative assemblies/legislative councils as well as community members. New policies and laws can pass through the legislature with great community support and have a positive impact on many people's lives.
Advocating for criminal record expungement for all individuals in the United States who have non-violent drug crimes primarily connected to marijuana possession and/or distribution is one of TheGreenPass's advocacy aims. TheGreenPass also intends to decriminalize marijuana use and encourage non-US people to disclose their marijuana use in a safe and secure manner.
TheGreenPass is working to eliminate political and legal discrepancies in marijuana criminal records and convictions for both legal and non-legal residents of the United States.

Do your part: Contact your legislator using this easy template and advocate for the decriminalization of marijuana

49 have signed. Let’s get to 50!