Save Mission Hospice Beds

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The Christine Morrison Hospice is located on the third floor of the Mission Hospital and has 10 beds. Fraser Health is wanting to use 5 of those beds for overflow medical patients. Which is is not the mandate of Hospice care. Hospice care is end of life compassionate care and the community of Mission have supported and funded all comforts and needs for the Hospice since 2005. By temporarily using 5 beds for medical use, this will be the start to them slowly taking Over the floor and Mission losing our Hospice beds all together. 

Fraser Health has already stripped many services from our community over the years and I am asking you to please sign this petition to stop Fraser Health from using Hospice beds and rooms for medical use vs hospice patients. 

Our community needs Fraser health to expand our hospital and beds in acute care, not take take away hospice beds,  expand our hospital. Help Save our Hospice!

By signing this petition you are helping to put pressure on Fraser health and our elected officials to leave our 10 beds as Hospice beds.