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Stop food waste in Europe #StopFoodWaste

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Across Europe, over 80 million people live below the poverty line.

Many people struggle to even feed their families and yet every supermarket in Europe throws away an average of more than 40kg of unsold food every day!

Thanks to a huge petition on Change.org launched by Arash Derambarsh, a municipal councillor in Courbevoie, France introduced a new law requiring supermarkets to donate unsold food to charity. This French victory has created an echo around the world.

It's now time to step up the campaign and call for European legislation to stop food waste in every country in Europe.

That's why we've launched this petition asking the European Union to introduce a new directive calling on every supermarket to give its unsold food to a charity of its choice.

I've been writing and campaigning about food waste for years and founded the organisation Feedback. The amount of food we waste in the UK and around the world is staggering. I'm not talking about rotten food - I’m talking about edible food that is being wasted on a huge scale.
That's why I have decided to join Arash in his campaign to make food waste history across Europe.

The European Commission is preparing a new "circular economy strategy” that will include how Europe should deal with food waste. It is a fantastic opportunity to make our voices heard on this issue.

A public consultation has been launched. We want hundreds of thousands of people to sign this petition to ask the European Commission to include an obligation for supermarkets to donate their unsold food to charity in its new strategy. The petition will strengthen calls from citizens around Europe during this consultation period.

Sign and share this petition! Together, let's stop food waste in Europe!

This petition is part of a European campaign working with the NGOs Action against Hunger and the French Red Cross. This petition has been launched in 6 other countries in Europe by people who, like us, want to end the food waste.