To get a fully fenced dog park for frankston shire

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 Families under the Frankston council would benefit largely from a fully fenced dog park. Frankston shire covers several suburbs such as Frankston, karingal, seaford, sandhurst, carrum downs, Skye and langwarrin. All these suburbs would benefit from a fenced in park for training, exercising and socializing their dogs.
The closest dog park is in Clyde, which for some is just too far to travel with Melbourne traffic. Dogs need exercise daily to remain in good condition, and regular socialization with other dogs is good for dogs psychological health. A fenced in park for dogs would aid local dog owners in exercising, socializing and training their dogs, as well as giving local dogs a great spot to play with more space than a regular yard, without the dangers of running on to roads.
While it is obvious that a dog park in one of the listed suburbs would be great for dogs, it would also be a benefit for children, currently in my surbub there a recreational park however it is supposed to on lead at all times. The park is also next to farms which is dangerous as dogs can go underneath the fence.
So, let's build a dog park, a safe place to let local dogs off lead to have some fun, while giving the whole community peace of mind and safety.

I have explained this to Frankston council and they gave me map which doesn't include any off lead areas with secure fencing.  We want frankston to follow other shires such as Knox or manningham who have created a low costing dog park that is safe for all.