Remove the 25% surcharge on commercial rates

Remove the 25% surcharge on commercial rates

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Nichols Crowder started this petition to Frankston City Council

Attention: Landlords and Tenants of Commercial Property during COVID-19.

Reduce Commercial, Retail and Industrial Council Rates in Frankston, Seaford, Langwarrin and Carrum Downs by 25%.

Most of you would be unaware however the Council has a 25% levy on all commercial properties in the City of Frankston & 7 years ago they extended that to all Industrial properties.

Last year the Council raised an additional $2.7m in rates revenue.

We have now written to the council twice requesting its removal. Both times rejected!

The Councils justification is that Commercial / Industrial businesses can afford it and they can claim it as a tax deduction. (Failing to acknowledge that the same tax deductions apply to Residential investors as well).

And what do we get for our rates? Nothing! Commercial Capital works programs in the CAD are wasted & not 1 cent spent in the Industrial Areas.

We don’t even get a bin collected. We pay for our own. Imagine the savings council makes through not providing us with bins.

To add insult to injury, the State Government charge us a landfill levy!

The council's assumption that we as business owners have the ability to pay has no justification. Particularly in the current COVID-19 climate.

Why should we be treated differently than any other ratepayer in Frankston?

Our businesses are owned and operated by locals, we employ 19,472 people and we use local businesses too!

COVID-19 has devastated small business and employment. Now is not the right time to be imposing an additional 25% levy on business at a time when we can least afford it.

When State and Federal Governments, Banks, Landlords and Utilities are offering reductions, abatements or deferments. Frankston Council increases our rates

The Federal Governments own Mandatory Code of Conduct says owners must pass on reductions in rates and waive rates to tenants who can’t trade but are still expected to pay the rates plus an additional 25% on top.

Too often Commercial / Industrial tenants are not unified. Surely this is one cause we can all agree on.

We are NOT asking for the Residential rates to increase to offset the loss of revenue.

We are asking the Council to reduce its costs.

Urgency: The council are meeting on the 1st of June to approve the budget. Once approved it’s too late.

If you don’t act now you will be paying an additional $2.7m in additional rates because the council thinks that during COVID-19 you can afford it.

If you would like to see the reduction of Commercial/Industrial Council Rates in the City of Frankston here are a few things you can do:

1.       Sign the petition

2.       Share this petition

3.       Ask your tenant/landlord to sign this petition

We will be presenting this petition to the CEO, Mayor and Councillors at the Council meeting on 1st June 2020.

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