Give Pat Rollo Reserve back to the kids

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Pat Rollo Reserve is a junior Football and cricket ground in Frankston North Victoria. This has been used for the Pines JFCC for many years and children that want to have a kick and play. This FOOTBALL oval has also been used as a dog park for the last few years. Frankston City Council had erected signs stating no dogs on the oval but due to the local dog groups 200+ people and individuals retaliation they reversed the decision. All this when they have a free roam area literally 10 meters behind the oval. However the group is reluctant to use this area as it is not fenced off.

The oval's use as a dog park has seen a decline in children who wish to train and play on the oval. This is due to large dogs jumping on them and destroying their equipment. Lack of dog control contributes to this and perhaps this is why the group needs a fenced in area but again not a children's football oval

This petition is not to hate dogs, but for the protection of children who have been told to remove themselves from the oval when the dog group is holding a meeting. There’s dog crap everywhere. this is not fair to kids that play and practice here, also it has a negative impact on the club’s reputation with other clubs’ kids that have to slide through crap. I would not tell my 7-year-old son to retrieve his footy from a large rottweiler pup that has decided to have a chew on it, again, not hate against dogs, we have a rottweiler at home as well. dogs have jump all over the children whilst owner have no control. This is an accident waiting to happen.

With Frankston City Council reversing their decision to ban the dogs from the oval they have effectively put dog owner’s happiness above the health and safety of children. Perhaps they can fence off an area behind the areas. But this petition is to reinstate the ban on dogs on the oval and to enforce it. 

Another alternative is that there is ample parkland at Monterey Park that isn’t being used for recreational sport that could be fenced off and set up as a dog enclosure. This would ensure that all parties would be happy.

Please share this petition and hopefully the council will listen and provide an alternative, so dog owners have a safe place for dog walking, keep the grounds from damage and children’s safety.