Cloth Nappy and Reusable Sanitary Product Rebate for Frankston City

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Cloth nappy and reusable sanitary product rebates are being successfully trialled and rolled out by local councils across Australia, including in our neighbouring councils: City of Casey and Mornington Peninsula Shire.

These rebates recognise the benefits of cloth nappies and reusable sanitary products while making them accessible for the community. As a Frankston City resident and parent I am starting this petition to show Frankston City Council that our community wants access to a rebate.

In Australia and New Zealand, 3.75 million disposable nappies are used each day and these items take 150 years to break down. Sanitary products such as tampons and pads generate about 120 kilograms of waste per person every year. The average person uses between 10,000 and 15,000 pads and tampons over the years they menstruate, and neither the product or packaging can be recycled.

There are many reusable options to replace disposable nappies and menstrual products. Reusable products are also free from plastics and harmful chemicals. To use modern cloth nappies full time on a baby, it is estimated that you need around 24 nappies.

As initial set up costs of purchasing reusables can be an expensive deterrent, we the undersigned hereby petition that Frankston City Council follow in the lead of the City of Casey and Mornington Peninsula Shire and offer a rebate of 50% off the purchase price to a maximum of a $150 rebate.

Rebate to include:

Cloth nappies (newborn to adult, new and secondhand)

Reusable swim nappies

Cloth nappy liners and inserts

Cloth wipes

Wet bags

Reusable nursing breast pads

Cloth menstrual and incontinence pads

Menstrual cups

Period underwear

Period wet bags

A rebate makes reusable nappies and sanitary items more accessible. It also draws attention to the issue and rewards waste reduction. It also may reduce recycling contamination by nappies and pipe blockages from disposable wipes.

Just 12 Australian councils currently offer financial incentives to residents who purchase the environmentally friendly alternatives, including Casey, Wyndham, Cardinia Shire and Mornington Peninsula.

Less nappies and pads in our bins is a win for locals, a win for Frankston City waste collection services and a win for the environment. It saves everyone money and cleans our future.