Clevedon Needs a Pedestrian Crossing

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The traffic in Clevedon's Main Street has increased substantially in recent years and will only continue to do so. 

As an adult, I find crossing the road a difficult and often lengthy process, this is due not only to heavy traffic but other factors such as the road being long and straight with people tending to go faster than the 50kph limit - the gaps in which it is safe to cross are few and far between, especially before and after School.  There is also different types of parking which also add to it being a dangerous road to cross, such as angled parking, parallel parking, shop parking where you can only reverse out from and residential driveways which are often reversed out of as well which only adds to the risk factor.  I believe it to be more difficult to cross than your average road.  As a shop owner in the village, I have a view of the road on a daily basis and have heard of a few mishaps with children being knocked into by vehicles (thankfully so far, they have not been badly injured but the potential for a serious accident is high).  What I have seen is a lot of close-calls and it worries me incredibly, especially with more and more school children moving into the area who will be trying to cross the road.  I would like to see action NOW and not AFTER the accident has occurred.

I know there are many Parents and Residents who have also voiced their concerns over the dangers and the need for a Pedestrian Crossing.

I have reported to AT and they have responded that they have "....assessed the road and pedestrian numbers at this location are insufficient to justify the installation of a pedestrian crossing facility at this stage".  They have also stated that there is 3 pedestrian facilities which are the safest points to cross, however, I disagree with their decision.  I truly believe it justified and I think that at least one of these suggested crossings is actually very dangerous!  The traffic in Clevedon is only going to increase, due to new residents and increasing truck movements and we need to act now.

I am, therefore, looking to you to ask that you sign the Petition and help me get the crossing that we need.  I am willing to keep campaigning for this as I believe it to be very important for our Community and for the safety of our children.

Thank you for your support.

Tamsin Watson