Re-Implement P/NP and Relaxed Grading Policies from Spring 2020

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This past week, students have already begun to express their frustration regarding the newly implemented module system. In a recent poll on The Protest Tree Project instagram page, 80% of respondents indicated that they were struggling with a workload far greater than the standard at F&M.

The students have made their struggles and concerns with the module system clear on the instagram page:

“It is evident that after less than a week of classes that students are already overwhelmed, frustrated from tech issues, and unable to fully retain information from this compressed schedule. Double the amount of class in half the amount of time is not how people are supposed to learn at a college level. Re-establishing P/NP while students adjust to this horrible system would improve mental health across the student body”

“This is the second week and I am already feeling overwhelmed... the amount of reading I need to accomplish every night in addition to projects, self-care, and monitoring my health is just going to be very hard to maintain.”

F&M had the intention of returning to a normal workload and the rigorous pre-pandemic grading policies this fall while implementing a never-before-tried system. This should not be the case, as the circumstances of last spring have hardly disappeared, they have arguably worsened.

Your students’ mental and physical health is declining as the result of the condensed module system, many continue to struggle in all online courses, and all campus community members continue to face the daily challenges of functioning during a global pandemic.

With that being said, this petition serves as a formal request to the Provost of the Franklin & Marshall College to re-implement the P/NP and relaxed grading policies of last spring.