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Replace this faulty healthcare with county EMT Paramedics. REAL DOCTORS

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Let’s talk about Naphcare healthcare inc. this is the private company that has been hired in 17 states to provide medical assistance and maintain the health of inmates in county jails and prisons across America. I did much investigation and research about this company and the results were astounding. This company has a very poor reputation of providing inadequate healthcare on a massive scale. They are under severe scrutiny and investigation for many deaths and permanent injury due to inexperienced and unqualified nurses and staff. As a matter of fact, I can not find anything that would validate or accredit this company at all. Nothing positive about this companies performance or professionalism at all! All I could discover was extremely poor remarks and a past history of patient neglect and misdiagnosis leading to many malpractice lawsuits. Countless deaths are attributed to the lack of experience and medical knowledge the employees of Naphcare exhibit. The state of Alabama actually voided all contracts with this company for “dangerous and inadequate services” thus endorsing the claim the company is not fit to provide medical care to inmates, or anybody else for that matter.
There is a long list of current lawsuits claiming that Naphcare is responsible for numerous deaths due to misdiagnosis, lack of concern, and blatant neglect. It has been proven ,and verified ,this company is not qualified to provide healthcare to even elementary school students, let alone inmates incarcerated in county jails and prisons. Do your own research. You will discover this company is in big trouble and currently being sued for mult- millions of dollars in wrongful death suits. The state and county law enforcement agencies employ Naphcare because they are “cheap”.They underbid other competition thus acquiring the contract. But when referring to healthcare services, is cheaper always better? I guess the old phrase applies “ you get what you pay for” but what we’re getting is injured,dying, and dead inmates! All at the cost of saving a buck!
Naphcare also operates at the Franklin County jail in Columbus Ohio and they are providing the same quality healthcare they did in Alabama(none!)
Privatized healthcare nationwide has been a total disaster! The reports of neglect and abuse could fill a phone book. The state of Ohio needs to take a long hard look at the spike of inmate injury and death since they contracted Naphcare Inc. to care for inmates in Ohio’s jails and prisons. They are failing miserably just as they did in Alabama. How many more inmates will be permanently injured or die before somebody wakes up and sees they are unqualified and inexperienced at providing adequate healthcare?

Below is a list of inmate rights. One is to receive adequate medical care and treatment. The record (and long list of complaints)undeniably shows Naphcare Inc. violates this demand and has not lived up to the obligations and commitment outlined in the contract.

Even the most chronic or hardened inmates have basic rights that are protected by the U.S. Constitution. If you are facing incarceration, or if you have a family member or friend who is in prison or jail, you should know about inmates' rights.

The rights of inmates include the following:

The right to humane facilities and conditions
The right to be free from sexual crimes
The right to be free from racial segregation
The right to express condition complaints
The right to assert their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act
The right to medical care and attention as needed
The right to appropriate mental health care
The right to a hearing if they are to be moved to a mental health facility
The Right to Humane Facilities and Conditions

Pre-trial detainee must be housed in humane facilities; they cannot be "punished" or treated as guilty while they await trial.

we are demanding the Franklin County board of commissioners and Franklin County Ohio sheriff department void the contract with Naphcare Inc. (just like the state of Alabama did) and replace the faulty inadequate healthcare provider with a more stable healthcare provider preferably county employed nurses and staff who are educated and experienced in emergency medical situations. Please sign if you agree. Thank you


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