Too hot to work

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Temperature in the Sidcup office is currently at 32. As of 25/07/2018. Yet, nothing has been said or done to support employees.

Employers have a duty to "keep the temperature at a comfortable level" and provide clean and fresh air. Ensuring their workers have access to water and monitor their wellbeing in hot weather, according to HSE guidelines.

The HSE says: “If a significant number of employees are complaining about thermal discomfort, your employer should carry out a risk assessment, and act on the results of that assessment.”

Employees should be provided with air conditioning or units to ensure a happy working environment, increasing productivity.

Heat Stress can cause the following:
an inability to concentrate
muscle cramps
heat rash
severe thirst - a late symptom of heat stress
heat exhaustion - fatigue, giddiness, nausea, headache, moist skin
heat stroke - hot dry skin, confusion, convulsions and eventual loss of consciousness

All employees, regardless of what company they work for, deserve an environment where they are treated with respect and dignity.

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