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Frank Szabo Step Down

On August 23rd, 2012 Frank W. Szabo of Hillsborough County in New Hampshire publicly stated his support of using deadly force to prevent women from obtaining abortion care.
While access to abortion is a fiercely debated issue, it is NEVER acceptable to advocate violence or the murder of your fellow citizens. Whether Mr. Szabo likes it or not, abortion is legal and the doctors who provide that service are not in violation of the law. The women who choose to terminate their pregnancies are not criminals and should not have to fear violence when access a legal medical procedure.

We are signing this petition to further show Frank Szabo of the need for him to step down from the race. He has demonstrated he is in no way willing to abide by local or federal law.

Sign this petition and stand up for women nationwide. We cannot ignore the very real threat of anti-abortion domestic terrorism nor can we ignore the effect such comments have on those who desire to physically harm those involved in abortion care.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Republican Candidate for Sheriff of Hillsborough County, New Hampshire
    Frank Szabo
  • Secretary of State
    William M. Gardner

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