STOP the city of Markham from taking down Blue Corner House RailRoad!!!

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RailRoad Update -

First and foremost a huge Thank You to all who have taken the time to support this valuable project.  In less than 48h we have exceeded any goal we could have set for ourselves and now have over 1000 supporters!!! In our brief interaction with Mayor Frank Scarpitti's office; they have informed us that the Mayor, along with elected officials have *ZERO* ability to impact bylaw enforcement (which begs the question, what good are elected officials if they cannot impact the day-to-day realities of our community!?  But that is another topic for another day!).  Bryan, the mayor's assistant suggested that we have to bring this to the City Clerk, for council's consideration - the city clerk's contact info is as follows: Kimberley Kitteringham,  City Clerk,  City of Markham,  101 Town Centre Boulevard, Markham, Ontario,  L3R 9W3 Email: Phone: 905.477.7000 extension 4729 Feel free to reach out to Kimberley directly to share your concerns on the matter.  You can also choose to touch base with Markham Bylaw enforcement.  The more voices that can be heard, the louder the message!  In this case, we have a great message to send - '99.8% of residents; near and far want to SAVE THE RAILROAD!' 

J Baker
1 year ago