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Put an end to Out of Network Surgeons/Drs ripping patients off with threats to collections

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Everyone has been placed in a situation like this where either themselves or someone they know has entered an Emergency Room for their ailment and needed to undergo a procedure.  While in this situation, you become involved with an array of healthcare workers-half of which, don't identify themselves to you and most importantly, are not part of your "In Network Provider", leading to numerous financial problems in the future to come. Although there are some states that are putting an end to making patients victims to this corrupt healthcare, there are still many states which seem to be ignoring this ever growing problem, financially threatening to place us all into collections if we do not pay.  Lets join together to band these out of network doctors balance billing us from entering a facility due to an emergency or lets at least force these people to identify to us that they are not part of our network and force the institutions to provide us as patients with healthcare professionals that are only in our network.  If, at the time of an event when there are no in network doctors to help us in this emergency situation, then make it law that those doctors will be considered an "In Network Provider" and be paid as such disallowing these same doctors to then balance bill us for their remaining funds.  The State of NY recently passed a bill into law called the "Surprise Bill" which has eliminated this problem. Lets force all of our sister states to stop with the procrastination and start helping their residents.  Please sign this petition to help pass Bill H.R. 817; aka End Surprise Billing Act-become a Federal Law to help all of us from becoming constant victims to healthcare.

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