Restore Splash Pad/Water Feature to Broadway Square Renovation Plans

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Broadway Square in Fell's Point is currently being demolished for a nearly $3 million renovation which was supposed to include a water feature similar to the Walter Sondheim Fountain in West Shore Park. However, recent developments have uncovered that the water feature was taken out of the plan. In the rendering, the gray area in the center was meant to be the splash pad. In a recent community meeting on March 28, 2017 with the Department of Transportation and the project architects, they gave "community opposition" as a reason for excluding this water feature from the current construction, although it is still on the plan. Fell's Point Residents Association voted in favor of the original plan including this water feature. This would be a huge asset to the community, for all of the families and children in Southeast Baltimore as well as those visiting as tourists. Thames Street Park was recently renovated and the new playground is constantly filled with children and families. A splash pad in the neighborhood would be an incredible benefit in warm weather and draw crowds of families to Broadway Square, benefiting the atmosphere of the square as well as the surrounding businesses as families would likely stay in the neighborhood and patronize them more frequently. Please help us bring this water feature to Fell's Point and Broadway Square!

Kelly Navas-Migueloa, Director, Fell's Point Residents Association