Safety and Free from Discrimination for Customers

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Andrew Sheldrick died due to prepared the WRONG medication.  “An Ontario mother is calling for better tracking of errors made by pharmacies after her [eight-year-old] son died from what she called a devastating "careless mistake."

On March 12, [2016, Melissa] Sheldrick gave her son a dose from a new refill of his prescription before he went to bed. The next morning, she said her boy was found dead.

It was only four and a half months later that police told Sheldrick a coroner's report found Andrew died as a result of an overdose of a muscle relaxant, which was in his prescription drugs container instead of the sleep medication he typically took, she said.

"Not only now were we traumatized and grief-stricken, but we were angry. Really, really angry. To know that this was preventable, that it was a mistake. Somebody wasn't paying attention," Sheldrick said. "It's horrific."  Mehta, D. (2016, October 22).

“It was determined that the child had received a dose of baclofen more than 20 times the maximum recommended pediatric dose” (Institute for Save Medication Practices Canada, 2017, May 25, p. 1).

To me was prepared the WRONG medication, which I discovered when I picked it up from the UBC pharmacist student at the pharmacy. It was prepared the WRONG medication because this pharmacy was left to run by the unsafe for public practice and negligent UBC pharmacist student(s). So, I right away returned it to that UBC pharmacist student who instead of apology to me started to make a fool from me and hid her mistakes. 

After I told about prepared the WRONG medication by the UBC pharmacist student, the next time when I came for my medication, I faced discrimination/racism/harassment/retaliation etc. from the Caucasian female pharmacist when I picked it up.  She came unsolicited, and was demeaning, humiliating me, and yelled at me in front of others about refuse services to me at this pharmacy etc. from that point.  I informed that discrimination and retaliation are prohibited and reminded about their particular unsafe practices for public at this pharmacy after which she started her attack on me etc.

  I got deliberate Assault/Insult/Attack by the violent/aggressive/threatening/deceptive etc. Middle East or etc. female pharmacist and continuing carrying on deliberate discrimination/racism/harassment/retaliation/threatening/hate promoting/aggression/pure lying etc./deliberately causing harm/suffering etc. by the dangerous group organized from some workers of this pharmacy a member of this dangerous group this pharmacist became too.  This pharmacist did not say her name.  It happened on February 5, 2019 when I came back again to pick up my medication from an assistant on check out which was deliberately withhold from me on February 1, 2019 by that unsafe for public practice /dangerous etc. group from some workers deliberately causing me more harm/more suffering, more abuse/more humiliation etc.   

On February 5, 2019 it was the fourth deliberate discriminatory/racist/harassing/threatening/humiliating/aggressive/retaliating etc. attack on me by some workers who have been unsafe for public practice etc. from that organized dangerous group at this pharmacy.  They further deliberately left me without my medication etc.  They deliberately treated me inhumanly brutally.

After I received many times threats/deliberate attacks on me etc., I am concerned about my safety and safety of others.  Instead of fixing their problems with their practice, it has been done the opposite. 

Moreover, as you can see, assault is common practice at Shoppers Drug Mart. On February 3, 2019 there was another assault of another person at the Shoppers Drug Mart.

Thank you to Melissa Sheldrick for advocating for safety of others regarding medication errors. 

Safety for me and for the public, free from discrimination/harassment/retaliation etc. and respect in services.

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Institute for Save Medication Practices Canada. (2017, May 25). ISMP Canada Safety Bulletin, 17(5). Toronto, ON: Author. 

Mehta, D. (2016, October 22). Mom of boy who died from wrong medication calls for mandatory error-tracking. The Canadian Press.