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Rehabilitation first NOT Prison

My son and his fiance are now known on the East Coast as Bonnie and Clyde. Their real names are Blake Bills and Shayna Sykes. They are accused of stealing 2 unattended running police cars, in two states, accidently hit an officer when he tried to stop them, eluded police, crossed a bridge, crashed and did this all within one hour. This happened on a weekend heroin bindge on March 5, 2013. Now, my son and his finace have been charged in Pennsylvania a fair amount of time for their crimes, however we have New Jersey to conquer. NJ could possibly to take half of my son's life away if not it all. Blake was a 24 year old young man who was magnetic and a leader. He worked in the city making an enormous amount of money per week which contributed to his crazy drug induced life style. Blake needs rehab, not a long term prison. Up until this phenomenom, he had no record and a bright future ahead of him. His underlying problem was not noticed in time to help him, but the state of NJ can help. His punishment should be minimual with a large amount of rehabilitation, house arrest and other programs such as parenting and job related skills to ensure success in the future. The core of the problem is not prison. Prison will only ensure that he fails when he gets released. He needs to deal with this disease and he needs to learn to provide for his family without having a relapse.  This is a true tragic love story with only one good outcome, their daughter Zoey.

"The number of heroin users in the US nearly doubled in five years, to 699,000 in 2012 from 373,000 in 2007 according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The number who abused or grew dependent on  heroin more than doubled in 10 years to 467,000 in 2012 from 214,000 in 2002. Those numbers coincide with the trends for drug-induced deaths. In November, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Morbidity and Mortality Weekely Report declared that " deaths from drug overdose have increased sharply in the past decade.' claiming 40, 393 people in 2010."

My son could have easily been one of those statistics. I am lucky in the fact that he did not die, but his life is over in the prison system, and they should be treating his problem, not the outcome. I am not saying to allow all criminals a free ticket to rehab and drugs do not excuse people's actions, but I feel there should be considerations when society drops the ball in helping to recover. If you are famous and a tragedy strikes like with Heath Ledger or Phillip Seymoure Hoffman, it's a tragedy worth people's sorrow, if you are not famous, you are worthy of people's scorn and anger. 

Please hear my plea and sign this petition to help others get the help they deserve and the help my son deserves, not a life in prison. You are the people of New Jersey and we have a voice and deserve to be heard. This is a disease that is devouring our young adults and children. New Jersey, one of the most antiquated states with law to help drug offenders. Do something about it and help my son. I'm willing to risk it all, you would be too, if it were your son, brother, father, uncle or friend.  I will travel and do whatever it takes so people learn my son's story and learn the pain it causes on a daily basis. My son is not dead, but it certainly feels like it. Sign this petition and send it along to others to sign. You all know someone who sufferes and you can make a difference with our youth of America. Get them help.Thank you

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