Stirling Ave South Road requires traffic calming for community safety.

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This year the road of Stirling Ave South between between Homer Watson and Highland will be redone. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss with the city our concerns as a community with road safety.


As a community we have concerns with the speed of traffic  in a residential area with two elementary schools, High school, city run daycare centre, community centre, and many home daycares.

Currently on Stirling Ave South there are no stop signs, lights, crossing guards or crosswalks between Homer Watson and Highland. Due to this, and the fact that the expressway exits onto Homer Watson at Stirling cars are racing down this strip. In my experience walking my son to St Bernadette elementary school, I had to run and dodge to cross the street at Lorne to bring my son to school. No one stops
, no one slows down,  and I see small children often walking to school and crossing Stirling without a adult going to school.

Being that this is a residential area with several schools, daycares and community centre we would like to see traffic calming measures put in place. Perhaps speed bumps between pleasant and highland, a cross walk with flashing lights, maybe a small round about at pleasant,  more trees or boulevard in centre of road.

Whatever the solution may be we need traffic to be slowed down! 

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