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Frank Brown Aquatic Center: Do not eliminate morning lap swim or reduced weekend hours.

Panama City Beach City Council has decided to cut out morning lap swim as well as reduce Saturday hours and eliminate Sundays from the winter months at Frank Brown Park Aquatic Center from Nov 10-Mar 1 in an effort to save money for the city. If this is a disappointment to you or a concern of yours, please sign this petition and let city council know how important that lap swim time is for you and our community.

Please take a moment to complete this survey regarding the pool...

We have put together a task force to come up with real world solutions to raise much needed revenue for the pool, while keeping the existing hours.

Please please...any communication with city council or media should be in a diplomatic and respectful way because they are simply making an effort to reduce costs, but may not realize just how many people they are hurting in the process by reducing hours and services at the same time.

Letter to
Mayor Gayle Oberst
Vice Mayor John Reichard
Councilman Rick Russell
and 3 others
Councilwoman Josie Strange
City Clerk Holly White
City Manager Mario Gisbert
Another supporter to keep the current hours of the Frank Brown Aquatic Center.

Please do not take away the morning and weekend hours for the PCB aquatic center; your beach residents and visitors would be greatly saddened.

We have put together an advisory committee and task force to present cost reductions and real revenue generating solutions for the pool. We ask you to work with us before we make such a drastic change with reducing our pool hours.

Craig Baranowski
Hammer Down Multisport

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