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Hands Off ESCP Europe Negotiation Elective

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At a meeting on 7 June 2016 the ESCP Europe ETLC (European Teaching and Learning Committee) decided to reduce the number of groups for the negotiation elective from 18 to 4 (2 in French and 2 in English).

In academic year 2015-16 this elective was chosen by 409 students for a total of 18 groups. If the decision is implemented in 2016-17 places will be capped at 100.

We demand that ESCP Europe either (1) reverse this decision, which is an affront to the freedom of future students to choose the skills they want to develop during their studies or (2) include the negotiation elective in the core curriculum.

This petition is restricted to ESCP Europe active and retired faculty and staff, alumni, current and prospective students and their parents, employers and potential employers.


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