End The Lockdown In Quebec, Open Economy!

End The Lockdown In Quebec, Open Economy!

January 6, 2021
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Started by Anonymous Star

People are struggling to keep the business going during the lockdown in Quebec. Lots of businesses has closed due to the ongoing pandemic. Alot of people have been feeling depressed and disconnected from regular day to day life.

The government of Quebec has failed to resolve the issue of "flattening the curb" since March 2020 the cases of COVID 19 cases has skyrocketed. This is due to the incompetence of the Quebec government.

During spring going to summer 2020, the number of cases were going down, this was due to the airports being closed as well as the USA/Canada borders, during that time the cases were decreasing so much that the cases literally went to 0 for few weeks. As soon as the airports re-opened the cases were going up significantly to 100s to 1000s cases daily. This was the main cause of the spike until to this date. 

François Legault failures to acknowledge the fact that, the main reason for this so called "high spike" is due to the volume of planes coming into the country and province from other countries. He blames Quebecers for being irresponsible. People should not suffer for François mistakes. He had a chance till March 2020 to make a difference and so far with all his useless plans nothing was effective till to this date. He should be removed at once.

We, as human have the right to speak our mind, and not let François Legault turn Quebec as a dictatorship and make humanity suffer and treat them like they are people in jail with curfews. 

Therefore, we demand that:

  • All full lockdown and curfews to be removed, as its against humanity rights.
  • Stop and close all flights coming into Canada and Quebec from overseas.
  • Slowly start opening the economy back up to help with businesses.
  • Reinforce new plans, directions and goals with options rather than giving useless one.
  • Remove François Legault "Premier of Quebec" from Office.

It is our job as citizens to stand up for what we believe in. To take our freedom as Canadians seriously, otherwise we will always live in fear. Taking freedom from someone is the biggest crime in life. We can all get through this, if we speak out and get the word out. Let's do this together!

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Signatures: 117Next Goal: 200
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