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TRANSPARENCY in SCIENCE: to eliminate corruption that is damaging taxpayers and humanity

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In regard to transparency in science we REQUEST:                  (See

Governments of countries that are funding research with taxpayer money and the agencies that handle donations to STOP FUNDING those who deny TRANSPARENCY in SCIENCE, and the media to INFORM the public, because this leads to corruption and economic gain to the detriment of society. 

WE REQUEST  TRANSPARENCY in SCIENCE  in workshops that are organized at scientific conferences and/or by the media. These should be public debates, recorded, live-streamed, open to everyone, who may ask pertinent, legitimate questions so inconsistencies can be addressed and resolved. This dialogue among scientists should guarantee the opportunity to ask each other questions in public so that the best science can emerge rather than focusing uniquely on presentations by the scientists without in-depth discussion.   

As an example, at the 2014 IEEE-NSS-MIC-RTSD Conference in Seattle  that will be attended by approximately 2,500 scientists from all over the world (see link), we ask governments and media and all those who care about advancements in research for the benefit of humanity, and desire to reduce premature cancer deaths and cost, to support two proposed public workshops (see link1 and link 2).

Corruption, fraud, embezzlement, and illegal financing of taxpayer-funded projects that were known from the start to be unable to produce the intended benefits, remain unpunished if TRANSPARENCY in SCIENCE is denied.

Not only that, if taxpayer money is instead used to increase the business of cancer research without obtaining a significant reduction in the mortality rate, the result is a loss for the majority and a significant advantage for the few who gain huge, monetary profits from the cancer business.

There can be no compromise with those who rob our future, waste our money on research where it is known from the beginning would not bear fruit. There can be no compromise with those who block the development of innovations that would improve our future. There is no justification for the corrupt and cunning opportunists who want to deceive us, who avoid comparison with the most advanced and economical projects, denying TRANSPARENCY in SCIENCE.

It is time to start serious in-depth investigations about the following inconsistencies. 

CANCER: 6.5 million premature deaths/year, at a cost of  $1.4 trillion/year:

1.  For 68 years we have known that early detection can avoid over 50% of cancer deaths, but the cost of treating late detection has increased 100 times while reduction of cancer mortality is only 5%.

2.  Data reveal NO difference in the mortality rate from cancer in countries which spend or do NOT spend money in an effort to eliminate cancer.

3.  Taxpayer and donation money are being used to fund projects which are known from the start are unable to reduce cancer deaths, and projects that can reduce cancer deaths, REMAIN UNFUNDED.

4.  The best imaging technique (PET) is based on particle detection measuring sensitivity, but articles and funding are approved to increase PET spatial resolution to the detriment of sensitivity.

5.  A significant advance in early detection requires a breakthrough in particle detection, but the 3D-Flow-OPRT breakthrough has been ignored.

6. Cancer leaders had to admit to taking the  wrong direction 14 years after the 3D-CBS was invented, which resulted in needless loss of millions of lives and trillions of dollars.

Individuals in both areas - physics and medicine – who deny TRANSPARENCY in SCIENCE, with disastrous consequences for humanity: increased corruption and resulting in millions of premature cancer deaths every year that could have been avoided.

Thank you for STANDING UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT.                 (See

Crosetto Foundation for the Reduction of Cancer Deaths

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