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Francis Ho, FAS Realty, San Leandro, CA: Allow Thelma Gooch, 78, to stay in her home.

Thelma Gooch got a bad loan to fix up her home and was suddenly faced with foreclosure. The fly-by-night company she hired to help with her case, lost it and before she knew it, she was looking at losing the home she had raised her family in for 38 years. All she still owed on that loan was $4,500. The foreclosure basically amounts to the swindle and theft of her home. The last five years have seen the largest loss of wealth for African-Americans in this country’s history. Foreclosures like this are the daily evidence.

On January 9, without prior notice, the Sheriff showed up at Ms. Gooch’s house to evict her. FAS Real Estate bought her home at auction. They are being inflexible. They will not let Ms. Gooch stay in her home at night, even to pack her things They’ve given her two weeks to move out. Now she is out in the cold. She wants at least 90 days to remain in the home while she figures out what to do next. It’s the least FAS Realty could do

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  • FAS Realty, 14429 Catalina Street, San Leandro, CA
    Francis Ho, 510-748-9033

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