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Earlier this year my partner Halina and I were so excited when France legalized gay marriage. We have been together for years, are raising a two-year-old son together, and want to get married. But then we found out some awful news: because my partner is Polish, we can't get married because of bigoted agreement that France has with 11 countries, including Poland.

When the marriage equality law first passed, we were so excited. We were planning a fall wedding, and thought about what this would mean for our son, and for the legal protections we’d be offered under the law.

But when we went to apply for a marriage license, we were devastated to learn that we couldn’t get one, because of an agreement France has with 11 countries, including Poland, that prohibits gay and lesbian citizens from those countries being able to marry in France. That’s why we’re urging the French government to end this bigoted agreement, and allow couples like us to be treated equally under the law.

The time for France to act is now. The agreement they have with Poland is set to be reconsidered by September 1. If the French government chooses to renew this agreement, couples like me and Halina won’t be able to get married in France for at least another five years. But if French authorities sees the global support behind our petition, they can end this harmful agreement with Poland, and allow us and scores of other couples like us the right to marry.

We want to get married so badly, we thought about even moving to Belgium, which currently would recognize our marriage. But our home is France. And we don’t want to leave our home to have our marriage recognized the way it should be.

Please sign our petition and urge the French government to allow couples like us to get married.

When France passed marriage equality, it was an amazing day for gay rights. But as long as France is going to prevent couples like me and Halina the chance to get married, we won’t see equality for all. We need global support, and together we can make sure that all same-sex couples in France have equal rights to marry.

Letter to
French Minister of the Foreign Affairs M. Laurent Fabius
French Minister of Justice, Garde des Sceaux Madame Taubira
With the vote on 18th May 2013 to legalize same-sex marriage, France stood up as a reminder to all that momentum for LGBT equality is growing exponentially across the globe.

But all people deserve the same rights, dignity and protections. As a world role model for equality and justice, it is France's duty to insure its inhabitants have equal rights.

Therefore, I ask that your Ministry cancel the unfair unilateral agreements between France and Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Cambodia, Laos, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, the Kosovo and Poland, which prevent binational couples from these countries from getting married in France.

Regarding Poland, the agreement can be cancelled before September 2013. It is then urgent that you act, so that Franco-Polish same-sex couples enjoy the same rights as any other French citizens.

Thank you.

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