Stop Bill 21

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The proposed bill banned visible religious symbols for government workers is xenophobic in nature and unfairly targets minority groups. It is also in direct violation of Canadian Charter rights, specifically to freedom of conscience, belief and expression under section 2. 

1. Acknowledging that as students, our professors are gravely affected by this bill and we would like to support their unions.  

2.  Emphasizing the fact that the notwithstanding clause, although applicable under these circumstances, has allowed the government to subvert the rights and freedoms indicated in the Canadian Charter.

3.  Advocating for the diversity and multi-ethnicity of the Greater Montreal area. 

4.  Remembering that a major aspect of Canadian pride lies in the notions of diversity, multiculturalism, and tolerance.

5.  Reinforcing the idea that Bill 21 will discourage immigrants from seeking residency in Quebec.

6.  Putting into question the reasons as to why individuals should be forced to compromise their faith in the pursuit of a career in the public sphere. 

7.  Calling attention to the ways in which Bill 21 will discourage many individuals from pursuing their career goals.

8.  Believing Bill 21 both subverts the rights of and singles out minority groups.