Stop the travel restrictions in Gatineau

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The announcement made by the Quebec government to maintain travel restrictions in the Gatineau area because of the COVID 19 pandemic is not justified and is having a major impact on regional economic and social development in the National Capital Region of Ottawa Gatineau and should be abolished immediately.

Since the new regulations came into effect a month ago travel restrictions and road blockades have been put in place by law enforcement officials throughout the Outaouais area to stop non essential travel based on a purely subjective process evaluated on a case by case basis that causes hardship and discrimination to citizens from both the Quebec and Ontario provinces.

Citizens need to travel across the Ottawa River because of work or family responsibilities. Many work for the Federal and Provincial governments or the private sectors that require them to commute across the Ottawa River on a day to day basis to earn a living and care for their families and other responsibilities. Some have family relatives that need help or have property on both sides of the Ottawa River making it essential to care for vulnerable family members and assume principal or secondary property responsibilities as good citizens of this country.

Government officials messaging is encouraging that the situation overall is improving across the country, in many provinces and regional areas as we continue to flatten the curve as a result of the resolve and measures taken by all Canadians. As we move forward, we need to appropriately balance risk and measures and send the right message of encouragement and support to our fellow citizens.    

The recent announcement on the lifting of the travel restrictions for the Outaouais except Gatineau is not justified and should be abolished for the reasons mentioned above please help us return to a stable and happy way of life.    

Your attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Concerned Citizens from the National Capital Region Ottawa Gatineau 

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