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François Hollande: #Boulin Case: Justice Now !

For over 30 years, the "omertà" code of silence in French politics has impeded the administration of justice and hidden the truth behind Robert Boulin's death. As concerned citizens, we urge François Hollande's government to help reopen the investigation and appoint a judge.

On October 30, 1979, Robert Boulin, Raymond Barre's Labour Minister , was found dead in a pond in the forest of Rambouillet. According to the official verdict, he committed suicide by drowning. In 1983, the family called for a murder investigation (in French legal system: "plainte pour meurtre"). Despite plenty of physical and forensic evidence in contradiction with the official version, and the destruction or theft of the privileged evidence ("scellés" under French legal system), an order of dismissal was pronounced in 1992. Since then, Robert Boulin's family has been fighting tirelessly to reopen the investigation, based on new facts and developments. The case expires in 2017.

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