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Stand up for young women who are the victims of violence

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As an alumni of Framingham High School, I have always viewed the school as a positive force for the students attending. Now the school, principal, superintendent, and even the Middlesex District Attorney are covering up the sexual assault of two young students. Leaders do not act in this way. Cowards do. A detailed account of the incident can be read here:

Michael Welch, the principal of FHS, has not only a legal obligation to follow through on reports of sexual assault but a moral one as well. As a result of declining to do anything about the assault of a 15 year old young women in the halls of the school, Welch enabled the assailant to sexually assault another individual. He let violence against women go unpunished in his school, despite the advice of one of the school’s social workers, Kevin Fox. His response to Fox’s pressure: “How public do you want to make this, Kevin?” (

The school has not only allowed sexual assault to go unpunished but forsaken its very purpose: education. When any event occurs in a school, students learn from the aftermath, and Welch has failed to do his job responsibly. He has failed to support the victims. He has failed to teach the student body that violence against women is unacceptable in our society. Instead, young men have learned that they will be impervious to the consequences of their actions, and young women have seen that the institutions that should protect do not care about them.

The school has failed in the mission of education, and needs to right its wrongs. Any part of the school, town, or county unwilling to stand up for women, does not belong in public service. If you are from Framingham, sign this petition. The victims and the entire student body are suffering as a result of the school failing in its responsibilities. 

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