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Fracking in California? Demand answers. Demand SB 4.

Today and for the last 60 years, oil and gas companies frack California without public notice. They inject acid into the ground, and they hide their "frack jobs." They pump secret chemicals underground. They won't tell, and they don't have to tell - not even if you live next door.

But it's no secret that Big Oil is revving up for a fracking boom in California, and we still don't have a single law on the books. What protects our groundwater from fracking chemicals? What exactly are those chemicals? Are they toxic?

We need answers. Demand the truth about fracking in California. Tell your Assemblymember to support SB 4 now.

Letter to
California State House
Please support Senate Bill 4 (Pavley), which would provide much-needed transparency and accountability around the potentially dangerous practice of fracking. I am deeply concerned about the effects of fracking on the health and safety of all Californians, especially when it comes to our water supply.

In fact, I'm fed up with oil companies deciding when, where, and how fracking takes place. SB 4 would be a major step forward for California. Public notice, chemical disclosures, and an independent scientific study of the risks of fracking are really the least we should expect from a fossil fuel industry that turns in record profits year after year, yet bears no responsibility for the potential damage it does to our state.

I think we can agree that unregulated fracking has gone on too long in California. I believe the state's first regulations on fracking must put protecting our air, land, water and families ahead of oil company profits. Please support SB 4 in committee and on the floor.

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