Close Revere high school due to coronavirus

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The outbreak of coronavirus is going to continue to spread around with all the public transport used everyday. Although the fatality rate of students ages 6-18 is low they are still contagious. This could spread within a family where the chances of more extreme cases may occur as the ages go up which will affect being able to pay bills, and live the everyday life. The closure of BPS around Boston will help significantly on staying sanitary and clean as many students of BPS use the MBTA which germs spread very easily on with the close contact and congestion of other people. Many other close by schools have closed such as Harvard, UMASS Amherst, and MIT. Students have been granted alternatives to this national crisis such as online school in which their teacher teaches them online or schools have entirely shutdown with no classes. This can benefit the students of BPS’ mental and physical health. This outbreak has been shown to be causing a lot of stress in America and in Massachusetts where the number of cases are rising rapidly due to traveling. Students may be diagnoses with mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety if someone in their family catches Covid-19 and they feel as if it is their fault. This is for the safety of all people as many health experts are trying to develop vaccines in order to come to a solution for our safety. But for now for more certainty of BPS students not catching the recent coronavirus there should be school closures or online school for all BPS students. This being said in the meanwhile everyone take percussions on your own health + safety.