Remove Michael Vick as a Fox Sports Analyst

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75,000 Signatures!

In merely 6 days, over 75,000 people signed our petition. I have sent the link to FOX Sports and expressed our collective concerns regarding Michael Vick being employed as an analyst with their network. Not surprisingly, they have not responded. Please keep sharing because every signature is a visual representation showing FOX Sports just how much money they stand to lose. I will be sending them petition updates so they can see for themselves. How foolish to sweep his violent past under the rug when their audience is not willing to do so! Thank you for signing and standing up for animals as well as the youth who have the potential to be impacted by seeing a violent criminal glorified on TV. Sincerely, Rally For Animals/Pittsburghers Against Michael Vick (check out our Facebook page)

Rally For Animals
3 years ago