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In March of this year, Disney just acquired 20th Century Fox and it is actually a BAD thing! Marvel is TOO crowded to have the X-Men join the Avengers! Besides, the Disney-Fox merger is the REAL reason, Dark Phoenix is failing at the box office, NOT that it was a bad movie! I want everything separated! That means, I want Disney to sell Fox so that the number of major movie studios could go back to six, like it has always been! I want the X-Men to stay in their OWN universe! I want to see Deadpool 3, X-Force, Gambit and New Mutants sequels! I don't want Anastasia to be a Disney Princess, because that movie and it's director Don Bluth have NOTHING to do and/or in common with Disney! 

I want to bring Hollywood back to the way it used to be, before this merger existed! I want Netflix to absorb the Disney+ streaming service into Netflix: Disney Edition, so that ALL of Disney's content can stay on Netflix! I'm sick and tired of Disney grabbing everything in it's path! The change will make Hollywood a free market again! It must be 100 signatures! It's clear that I care, because I want to work in the OLD Hollywood, when I got what I wanted! If we win, Hollywood will continue with more competition, like always! If we lose, we start this petition again! Please sign!

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