Stop Full-Screen Commercials During NASCAR Superspeedway Races

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John Luke
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If you're a fan of NASCAR, you definitely know just how unpredictable Superspeedway races can be. With packs of 20-30+ cars separated by less than a second going 3 and 4 wide, it's the most unique and perhaps the best kind racing in the world. Unfortunately, like with most television programming, there are commercial breaks. Without commercials, NASCAR wouldn't have the money to run these races. The TV networks wouldn't have enough money to provide coverage. I think we all understand that. However, there is a brilliant feature that exists and is sometimes used. NASCAR-Nonstop, or Side by side. Commercials are shown, but there's a separate window that shows the race. However, fullscreen commercials are still used frequently. This is particularly problematic at Superspeedways, where "The Big One" could happen at any moment. Nobody wants to miss the moment when 15 or more cars start wrecking, or when someone goes airborne. Missing that due to commercials is DEVASTATING. So, if you want to ensure that you see all of your favorite slicing and dicing 4 wide action and carnage happen live, join me in putting a stop to Full-Screen Commercials by signing this petition. Maybe, with enough people, we can see superspeedway races, perhaps all races, in their entirety. Thank you.