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Unarmed Black Male Shot From Behind By Cop, After Running From Gunfire, Justice For Barry!

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Recently my husband Barry Edwards, civil rights were violated ,he was an unarmed black man shot from behind by a cop ,posing as no threat to the officer , after initially running away from being chased by a pursing car letting go gunfire towards him  in the first place , the cop observed my husband driving at a high speed of rate , trying to get away from the shooter and then followed behind my husband to do a patrol stop , being as though my husband was already being chased and afraid for his life, he continued driving and eventually lost control of his car , the cop stated that he pinned my husbands  car from behind and my husband ran towards him with a weapon, non aiming, no shots being fired and no weapon has been retrieved as any evidence found in the case, as my husband continued running  the officer stated he hit him with the door and fell off balance he then got control of his balance and  continued running away, the cop then fired a round from his gun ,hearing him shutter as if he had been wounded .. my husband is now held in luzerne county prison ,in need of medical attention , paralyzed from the hip down , his friends and family are hurt and in disbelief of how we could have possibly lost a father of 6 and a well known music artist in the north eastern p.a area , a friend , a loved one , another person in the community , due to the overly  aggressive behavior in a cop . An individual (cop) who we all should be able to run to when we seek help in the time of need .. Thank god he is alive , but what if he wasn't , would we have then possibly have to bury my husband due to police brutality , because that's what this is a case of . This such nature of a cop has been going on all around the world , leaving behind painful memories , hurt, fear of the police , and deaths every where in america ..My husband had no intentions on harming that officer , he was only trying to get away from being shot and he ended up being shot anyways by an officer to the back .. This has to stop !! We need to speak up on the unethical behavior of the police . Its not fair and its not right !! Our civil rights are being violated and this is abuse . All were asking for is justice .. Please help us get justice served for Barry !! So he can come home to his children and loved ones .. Please lets get justice served ..

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