Pineal cysts

Pineal cysts

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Jennah Brooke started this petition to FOX News and

Hundreds and thousands of people including myself suffer pineal cysts /tumours and doctors around the world don’t think these cause problems. We get told we have a migraine, 

we sit here day after day with headaches, eye problems - blurred vision, doubled vision, black outs, sezuires, numbness, we can’t drive our cars, look after our children 

some of us are only very young in age 

myself in only 26 it all started a year ago when I lost hearing in my right ear. I went to the dr and was told it was just a “ pregnancy thing “ 

from that moment on I suffer bad head aches, vision problems I had MRIs that shown a pineal cyst on the pineal gland in the brain. Doctors have told me it is not causing my problems I have a migraine. 

On 16th of February i was driving my children ages 4 and 3 to school and child care and I lost my vision completely and this was followed by the worst pain I have ever felt in my head  I was rushed to hospital, I was sent home with a diagnosis of - mild head ache and ear ache... I then went to my gp and he sent me for another mri still showing the pineal cyst. Now after this I done my own research and I came across others that are suffering the same thing as I am. I am still to this day in constant pain constant vision problems. I’m now not sleeping I’m having memory problems I can’t be left home on my own incase I black out again.

I have been in and out of hospital with a constant pain in my head and being told it’s a migraine.. 

doctors don’t believe that pineal cysts cause any problems but if you do the research and speak to specialists who actually know about pineal cysts they will tell you that they infact do cause problems. 

Thursday the 5th of April... I woke up and had my first seizure it was on and off for 4 hours I was again rushed to hospital and after hours I was told it was muscle spasms and told I have a migraine. Im still in the Gold Coast university hospital and have been told if I keep disagreeing then they will be refereeing me to the mental health ward for assessment. 

Something needs to be done 

pineal cysts are dibilitating to many 

my children need me 

my family needs me 

please share my story and help get awareness 

research pineal cysts 

find out what these do to you 

I need help as do hundreds of others suffering from this dibilitating thing in our brain that needs to be removed. I’m now begging for help I can’t live like this any more.  


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!