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At 500,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!

I am the girlfriend to RASHAD CUNNINGHAM who was recently killed by the police in Gary IN in-front of our home while being dropped off after a night out .. There was no “ traffic stop” the car was parked in our parking spot.. the officer drove past, reversed & shinned the spot light on them... INSTANTLY STARTED QUESTIONING THEM, Rashad knew his rights.... he was explaining to the officer, he is sitting outside of the house, returning home.. NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG the officer questioned them for their IDS (him, his best-friend & my step brother were in the presence) the officer walked up to rashad seen he had a CLEAN/LICENSED TO CARRY HAND GUN in his lap. the officer opened fire on Rashad with no hesitation. Not a chance to give his ID . Didn't even ask my baby did he have a gun license, just shot him in cold blood 5/6 times.. that is OVER KILL. I am here to speak out for him because he is no longer able to fight for himself & he would do the same for ANYBODY ELSE.. i will not let them get away with this. THIS WILL NOT GO UNNOTICED. The police are hiding everything “claiming” they gave the case to LAKE COUNTY.. NOT A NAME OF THE OFFICER, NOT A PIECE OF A STORY TO GIVE OUR FAMILY SOME TYPE OF INFORMATION . Any type of clarification.  Its been more than 24 hours with NOTHING.. I’ve e reached out to many reporters & news channels. Our people need everybody to gather together & FIGHT FOR THE JUSTICE of my sons father... He was a father who cherished every moment he had with his children, he loved his family. He was a father, son, cousin, brother, uncle etc & he was gruesomely ripped away from us for no reason while sitting outside of his own home. Please please please just take the time to share this & get his story out.  RASHAD NEEDS JUSTICE & IT WILL BE SERVED . The police can not keep getting away with this!!!!!!!!! He was wrongfully killed!!!!! 

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