Free Roseanne from NBC - Put Her on a New Network!

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We are the #FreeRoseanne Movement and we believe in second chances. 

At the first sign of controversy, ABC axed Pro-Trump 'Roseanne' after a series of tweets.

We all know that if she was a liberal, she'd be still on the air. Sadly, since she is a Trump supporter, she got booted within hours.

Sign the petition to DEMAND that Roseanne be put on another network!

The "PC Police" have struck again, and this time they're coming after Roseanne.

While Jimmy Kimmel can slander our First Lady on the ABC airwaves and have NOTHING done to him, Roseanne gets kicked off at the first sign of controversy.

Can you say...DOUBLE STANDARD?

Sign the petition today to show ABC that we are FED UP with their politically correct BS! It's time to get Roseanne on a different network, so SIGN THE PETITION to show your support!

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