Fire Laura Ingraham from Fox News

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In January, Lebron James and Kevin Durant recorded a video for Uninterrupted where they stated that they felt President Trump does not care about most people and his remarks do anything but unite our country.  James shared his feelings that no matter how successful a POC is, that some white people will find a way to make sure that they know their place. And Laura Ingraham certainly tried to do that herself by calling him a "Dumb jock" and that his comments were intelligible and ungrammatical. She later asked "must they run their mouths like that?" The Fox News host later told these men to “stick to sports” and “shut up and dribble” since no one voted for them. 

I am writing this petition because she is representative of what is wrong with this country when it comes to race relations and by using her bully pulpit to spread hate and divisiveness instead of just reporting the news, she is part of the problem. It is time for us to say enough is enough. If Laura Ingraham can't respectfully discuss another person's opinion, then we certainly don't need to hear hers.