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Fire Ernie Freeman, Fox 13 Memphis

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He is encouraging abuse of pitbulls (pull out their teeth or put them down, and comparing them to wild tigers and bears).

Here are the original tweets:

Let me be clear...Pit-Bulls are savage beasts. #KillerPitBulls"

Then once he started getting a negative response sent up this sad message asking for supporters.

"Click this picture and like the page. Help me out. The Pit Bull owners are taking over my page."

This quote I took personally from his facebook page:

I don't know if de-teething a dangerous animal... would make it less dangerous...but would keep him alive. Maybe you think the better option would be to put them down. I prefer to see things live, if possible. Animal control types will typically euthanize the mauling bear or dog. Which is worse? I'm not opposed to pit-bulls, grizzly bears or lions. I just don't want to hang out with them.

Since his response to the complaints is then to pull teeth or put them down, and to compare them to grizzly bear and lions, we feel that he should be fired.  Animal shelters across the county fight to educate.  We should expect our newspeople to research before taking such a stand.  As he has started a "Kool kids" club, there is concern that he will be sharing these feelings with these children.

"We demand Mr Freeman be fired for his lack of competence in stating a misguided falsehood which will cause the deaths of the innocent! He is in a position of public influence and as such he should be more responsible with his statements especially where children are concerned, which Mr Freeman is a role model. For a reporter to make such a bold, braod blanket statement without reaserching facts would be grounds for dismissel for any reporter causing harm through his position

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