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Petitioning Vice President Media Relations Erica Keane, and 3 others

Fox News Executives: Fire Fox News hosts Brian Kilmeade, Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer,

We will no longer tolerate hate and bigotry from Fox especially those who Mocked Desiline Victor, 102-Year-Old Woman Who Waited 3 Hours To Vote

Letter to
Vice President Media Relations Erica Keane,
Vice President Corporate Communications Gaude Lydia Paez
Senior Vice President Media Relations Irena Briganti,
and 1 other
Executive Vice President Corporate Communications Brian Lewis
We the members of the facebook group "We Demand Respect and Honor for President Barack Obama", are creating this petition in order that fox News take disciplinary actions against Fox News Brian Kilmeade, Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer. Americans, especially those in a position of influence, such as these three, should be able to keep blatant racist statements out of the public arena. President Obama has earned his right to lead our country as evidenced by the election results. A unified nation is a strong nation and as long as people such as these three are given a public forum to continue to make racist statements that divide us we can not become strong.

We are very concerned that at times your staff refers to President Barack Obama as just "Obama" and that even though former presidents have been referred to by their surnames only in the press have they always been given their due respect to the American public. It is more often now that President Obama is referred as simply Obama and Our First Lady is receiving the same amount of disrespect by not even being referred to as the First Lady. This is leading the American public to think over time that we are not to take their position seriously. Thus their efforts and accomplishments have not been given the acclamation they deserve. Their time in the white house is being treated as if it were a fluke soon to be corrected. The American public voted President Obama into office, and that would include members of your staff as well.

The 790 Members of We Demand Respect and Honor for President Barack Obama!