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Call to Media: #NoNamesNoFaces of Mass Shooters in the Press

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Since December 2012 when a crazed gunman killed twenty children, six teachers, and himself, there have been at least 1,518 mass shootings, according to the Gun Violence archive.

America follows almost the same pattern each and every time one of these sad tragedies occur: we mourn as a country, while politicians either offer their condolences or make desperate pleas on the Senate floor for more gun control. Meanwhile, media outlets clamor for ratings in trying to be the first news source to release photographs and biographical information about the shooter, so Americans can visualize and speculate as to what drove these deranged individuals to commit horrendous acts of violence on groups of complete strangers. 

We, as the people of this country,  need to discourage the media from glorifying these criminals. The stakes might be high for these media outlets in their quests for ratings,  but we are calling our fellow citizens to action to call their news stations and newspapers and tell them to stop encouraging copycat criminal acts,  and simply say "no names, no faces." Don't give these criminals the attention they crave but do not deserve.

We are not trying to squash freedom of the press, and we are not trying to change the laws in this country for responsible gun ownership. We are just trying to give our fellows citizens a platform on which to stand up the media and show their contempt for mass killers through a single unified front: "#nonamesnofaces." With enough of these actions taken over time, we hope to strip one of biggest motivators away from these mass shooters: their thirst for notoriety.

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